family & friends
up to 4

family & friends
up to 4

If more space is required, apartments can also be combined.

Wifi, USB radio, TV, air conditioning, desk, dining area, and fluffy towels in a spacious bathroom will be waiting for you here as well. Apartment 104 features a sideboard with a microwave, refrigerator, and various other kitchen appliances for guests who prefer to eat out. All other “family & friends” apartments feature a fully equipped kitchen. Experience your very own special travel moments in our unique self-catered apartments… come in for good times!

family & friends up to 4

Specific apartments within a certain category cannot be guaranteed. Please specify your desired apartment when booking, and we will do our best to accommodate your wishes.

103 Wohn

Apartment 103

1st floor, 45m2

104 DZ rechts

Apartment 104

1st floor, 54m2
Note: This apartment does not have a complete kitchen!

105 Wohn ess ohne Vorhang

Apartment 105

1st floor, 54m2

106 Wohn Holzdecke

Apartment 106

1st floor, 59m2

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